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WHERE HAS RITZYA BEEN?                                    

LOUDOUN COUNTY CHAMBER OF COMMERCE WOMEN IN BUSINESS FASHION SHOW: IT'S A JUNGLE OUT THERE!                                                                         



LOTS OF NETWORKING EVENTS like this one with Dip Chandra with it4DC

Wednesday, October 6, 2010:  ELEVATOR PITCH WORKSHOP.  Unforgettable! That's what you'll be.
Still trying to figure out what to say at all those networking events?  Tired of blending in? Get ready to -
Be Unforgettable!

2 Hours for $100.  Prepare, Practice, and Present a unique Elevator Pitch that lets the true you shine through.  Includes: $5 Entry to compete in Networking Idol, Lite refreshments, Networking.  5:30-7:30 PM.  Convenient Herndon location.  (Workshop Size Limited)

contact: ritzya@thedramacoach.com, 703-887-1823

September 25, 2009: GWSRA (Greater Washington Shorthand Reporters Association) hosted the opening of their annual convention with a happy hour/educational workshop featuring, ritzya, the drama coach.  The topic was: STAND OUT!  BE REMEMBERED!  Too many times court reporters fade into the background.  While thet are working harder than anyone else in the room, they often fail to get noticed.  They learned techniques for presenting themselves before and after a proceeding so that they are remembered in a postiitive way!  ritzya was more than a motivational speaker.  She tought them how to be "unforgettable" in any setting, business or social; to exude that quiet confidence so many possess, but often fail to show.  As a result of being remembered, they can make more money and have a more fun life.

September 20, 2009: FALL FOR READING! Celebrates the joy of reading together as a family with stories, crafts and fun activities. Fall for Reading, hosted by the Loudoun Literacy Council at the beautiful, newly renovated Rust Library in Leesburg, encourages families to read together, play together and plan to continue to learn as a family all year long.  This free event included a variety of fun activities such as an interactive dramatic storytelling by the drama coach, ritzya, book signings by local children's authors, an art activity area, facepainting, refreshments, music and more!   Here's what the assistant director, Tanya Bosse, had to say about ritzya:

"...Well, the votes are in and you were officially a hit!!! I heard great things about your storytelling abilities yesterday...my husband (the photographer), was extremely impressed and entertained. Thanks so much for all of your help with this program--you were exactly what we needed, before we even knew what we needed ;-) We really appreciate the fact that you were so flexible and willing to jump into this new event!   It was great to meet you and I look forward to working with you again in the near future!   Best regards, Tanya   P.S. My daughter Sophie thought you were fantastic, too!"   Tanya Bosse, Assistant Director Loudoun Literacy Council. 

For more info about the Loudoun Literacy Council, go to www.loudounliteracy.org.

September 6, 2009: Singers Performance Workshop
, co-led by Terry Lee Ryan, New Orleans pianist/singer/entertainer and ritzya, the drama coach.  At Alexandria's swingingest spot for live music, dancing and open mic entertainment, Paradiso Restaurant.  

Sept. 1, 2009: Women in Technology (WIT) Worksforce Development Committee, a service committee of WIT, to people in transition held their monthly meeting led by Ardell Fleeson with special guest ritzya, the drama coach, speaking about "reinventing yourself".  The core message was two-fold:  BE OPEN TO OPPORTUNITY! SEE POSSIBILITIES EVERYWHERE! But always be your authentic self. 

August 22, 2009: CPCUG Capital PC User Group (CPCUG), a group for computer consultants and entrepreneurs using computers, presented "Delivering Presentations That Make You and Your Message Memorable: Using Your Passion and Creativity To Become a Powerful Speaker" with special guest trainer, ritzya, the drama coach.  Participants had a blast with ritzya leading them in interactive ice-breaker exercises and lively discussion on how to be memorable.  See comments on testimonial page.

July 23-July 31, 2009: 
ritzya, the drama coach, had the privilege of participating in the National Officer Training for SkillsUSA, a partnership of students, teachers and industry working together to ensure America has a skilled work force. They help each student excel.  ritzya  facilitated and coached the 15 newly elected national officers in public speaking and communication skills.  These are the crème-de-la-crème, representing the organization on a national level. Being a national officer is one of the highest honors a student can achieve in SkillsUSA. It can also be one of the most rewarding experiences for a student, too.  The results of the week-long training were dramatic, to say the least.  For more info about SkillsUSA, visit www.skillsusa.org.

July 15, 2009
:  Lights, Camera, Action!  Local teens had a blast as they had to think fast and act faster in improv games.  Then they watched their performance on screen. Loudoun County Public Library, Cascades branch, brought in ritzya, the drama coach, to lead an energetic, creative, fun evening of improv games and drama for ages 12-18. 

July 10-11, 2009: The Northern Virginia Home Education Conference held at the Dulles Expo & Conference Center in Chantilly, Virginia, welcomed ritzya, the drama coach, who presented "ABCs of Leadership and Communication".  This workshop gave parents an opportunity to bring their children who are interested in public speaking to work on an actual speech, an essay, a poem, a monologue, or an excerpt from literature.  The workshop attendees participated in a fun ice-breaker.  Then some brave volunteers were "guinea pigs" as ritzya demonstrated the coaching process, while teaching basic public speaking skills and more advanced presentation techniques. 

June 25, 2009:
The Loudoun Small Business Development Center once again brought ritzya in for a special workshop on how to deliver a dramatically effective elevator speech.  But they got much more than they bargained for.  With tables full of silly props and some improv games, attendees came out of their shell and found out they can have fun and do business at the same time!  Including SBDC Director, Robin Suomi and Assistant Director, Glenn Dean.

June 21, 2009: 
ritzya sang to a packed house at Vespucci's Fine Italian Restaurant in a special Father's Day Show entitled: "Songs I Sang for my Father".  A touching tribute to, not only ritzya's dad, but fathers everywhere.  The entire show can be viewed on YouTube by putting "ritzya" or "ritzyalive" in the subject box.  Enjoy!

May 27, 2009: ritzya live! at Serbian Crown Restaurant Great Falls, VaThe "house" was packed with an overflow, standing-room-only crowd, as young and old alike witnessed ritzya really come out of her shell.  She sang some of her "favorite songs from way back when," as she told the story of how she got back into the singing and entertainment world after a 25 year hiatus.  An unforgettable evening of fun and song as only ritzya could provide.  

ritzya with dollar signs in her eyes!

May 13, 2009
:  The Capitol Creativity Network sponsored "Creative Presenting: Using your passion and creativity to deliver presentations that make you and your message stand out",  with Ritzya, Communication Coach and founder of thedramacoach. com.  In today's world, leaders have to be powerful speakers. They grab attention, keep attention and make an impact. They have vision and passion and know how to inspire others to action. In this fun, engaging session, participants discovered how to add excitement, creativity and energy to their presentations through interactive exercises in order to be a more effective communicator. They learned how to overcome fear of presenting and public speaking, have confidence in theircommunication skills, learn tools and techniques to create a memorable message, deliver their message with passion and feel energized about who they are what they do.   For information on future events sponsored by the Capitol Creativity Network, check out their website: www.capitolcreativitynetwork.com.

March 12, 2009: DBM, a top national recuiting firm, hosted an interviewing technique seminar in their tysons corner office, with ritzya, the drama coach.   Topics included  how to make your "TMAY" ("tell me about yourself") memorable while still being authentic.  There was heated debate about how one should differentiate oneself.  but there was no disagreement about the importance of setting yourself apart and connecting with the interviewer in a powerful way.   One attendee commented:  Ritzya, you really gave me food for thought.  I am going to work on the orchestra leader and gardening metaphor.  Also, think I need to use words that emphasize or punch points. I really thought the session was great!  Stretched my thinking!   Best regards, Dolores Wilverding

February 11, 2009:  Women in Defense Capital Chapter held their Professional Development Breakfast featuring ritzya, the drama coach, presenting a seminar entitled, "Making a Lasting First Impression".   Using fun props and real-life examples, ritzya had everyone smiling and laughing as they explored new, innovative ways to communicate messages that make an impact!

Pictured with ritzya are: Laura Van Eperen, WID-DC Programs Chair; Vicki Fiore, WID-DC PRograms coordinator; and Candace Vessella, WID-DC President.

February 3, 2009: Profitable Women Connections welcomed ritzya, The Drama Coach with her highly acclaimed workshop, "Metaphorically Speaking" - Using colorful images to stand out and be remembered!  
Jackie Ciao, co-founder of PWC, gave these glowing words afterwards: Thanks Ritzya so much for a colorful and lively presentation ! Also, for the summary of our exercise below, that will help us work on "jazzing up" our self branding.  And thanks for your excellent follow-up. You are the best speaker we ever had !  


January 30 and February 6, 2009: "Tell it like it is - a funny thing happened on the way to the library" ritzya, the drama coach was at the Loudoun County Public Library, Cascades Teen Center presenting a story-telling workshop where the kids got to tell your own stories like never before.  Got a story to tell?  Make 'em laugh; make 'em cry; make them sit on the edge of their seats. 

January 27, 2009
: Northern Virginia Business Referrals hosted ritzya, The Drama Coach with her seminar SAY MORE; USE LESS WORDS!  Creating the Ideal Infomercial.  You have just 15 to 60 seconds to grab the listener's attention; to say something clear, catchy and compelling.  How will you say it?  Stop talking about what you do and start talking about what you love.  Use powerful metaphors, tapping into emotions.  With a little fun, dramatic connections happen.  Create a specific, individualized pitch that is uniquely and authentically you, that sets you apart from the competition; that makes you memorable.  TOP OF MIND!  

October 29, 2008:
  ritzya, the drama coach, presented her workshop, "Metaphorically Speaking", to a group of financial advisors from AXA Advisors, LLC of Falls Church, VA.  There was lively discussion about the characteristics of a great speaker and what makes someone memorable.  The attendees left full of ideas and excitement about communicating with passion and fun, including creative, out-of-the-box techniques to stand out and be remembered.

       Here's some comments from participants:
            Your presentation at AXA was full of energy and elicited a rush of new ideas in approaching others.  You are utilizing your skills in effective ways.
  C. Scott Perkins, Financial Consultant

            I really enjoyed your presentation today.  It really made me think of all the potential attention grabbers and ice breakers there are in our day to day interactions!  I hope our paths cross again.  Thank you.   Rick Rhode, Financial Consultant

September 13, 2008:  Loudoun Cares and Claude Moore Community Builders welcomed back their "very own beloved ritzya" for another public speaking workshop.  This time the students prepared speeches about their community service placements and how their involvement in CMCB has impacted them thus far.  They gladly received the critiques from ritzya and their fellow participants, and greatly improved their confidence and delivery.  Loudoun Cares Executive Director,  Andy Johnston was there to witness the enthusiasm and passion with which the kids communicated about their experiences.  He was thrilled with the young people's progress from the beginning to the end of the workshop.  And judging from the picture, the kids had way too much fun!

September 9, 2008: 
The Society of Financial Service Professionals welcomed ritzya, the drama coach, to their New Member breakfast at the offices of MetLife in Falls Church, Virginia.  In attendance were about 20 members, new and old.  They saw first-hand how using vivid metaphors and props can make an ordinary black and white introduction transform into a memorable, compelling message, leaving the listener wanting to hear more.

July, 2008: ritzya, the drama coach, recently spent the afternoon conducting a public speaking workshop for a select group of talented teens.  These young people are part of the Claude Moore Community Builders, a youth initiative of Loudoun Cares,  developing  tomorrow's  leaders  for  volunteerism and community service.    All of them experienced  what it's like to speak with passion and pizazz.  Many of the students came out of their shell for the first time.   Here's what the kids themselves said about heir time with ritzya:

    "Ritzya, I wanted to share with you the feedback from our students.  We have all of the teens fill out an evaluation at the end of each day to see what they thought of it.  Here are the comments the kids wrote about you:    *A lot of fun and very informative...* It was very interesting...* Cool. Fun. Informative...*Very fun & actually pretty enlightening...*She was so confident. I'd love to work with her again...*She taught us many great things that would be so helpful for us...*At first I was pretty nervous to speak out, she did bring me out of my shell!...* Awesome. Loved it...* Keep her, she is crazy loud and fun!...*Liked getting her speech suggestions...*I enjoyed the suggestions from her and I feel that I will improve on public speaking...*She made me laugh and feel comfortable."

        (go to the testimonial page to see comments from Danielle Gaquin, program coordinator.)

June, 2008:
When it comes to inspiration, information and fun, ritzya - the drama coach, definitely has what it takes.  ritzya brought her unique style and message to the Loudoun Women Business Forum luncheon on June 5, 2008.  Approximately 50 women came to hear ritzya speak about making your message come alive - going from black and white to COLOR!  There was lots of audience participation and collaboration using props and costumes, as well as networking with a whole new dramatic twist.  It was held at the National Conference Center, in Lansdowne, VA. 

    Here's a testimonial from Nina Flowers, Family Therapist and Counselor:  "I attended a meeting that Ritzya presented at showing simple ways to get people's attention about your company. Not only is Ritzya unique and fun, her methods work. I have tried them and they are quite affective. She is extremely creative and can focus on your specific line of work or personality extremely well. If you want a fresh way to market yourself and your business, I highly recommend her.  

May, 2008: Ritzya recently presented a workshop on How to Deliver a Dramatically Effective Elevator Speech, sponsored by the Small Business Development Center of Loudoun County.  About 40 attendees got an energetic, enthusiastic crash course about infusing fun and spontaneity in their info-mercials.  It was so "out-of-the-box." Some comments afterwards:  "Who knew a business seminar could be so much fun?" and "This was definitely time well spent.  Very valuable information."   For other worthwhile business seminars contact the sbdc@loudoun.org, or call them at 703-430-7222.

Beverly Schrab of Your Newsy Notes, LLC,
dons a wig to demonstrate using props to be memorable.

April, 2008:
ritzya is excited to announce the launch of her new, weekly online radio broadcast: "Dramatically Speaking" tip of the week.  starting april 15th between 2 and 2:30 PM, and every tuesday thereafter, ritzya will be a featured guest on EventsInYourArea.com's weekly, online radio broadcast, hosted by none other than, ring leader, Brandon Barr.  tune in and plug in to find out all the exciting events going on in and around D.C.

Spring, 2008:
the 2008 NCFCA (National Christian Forensics and Communications Association) tournament season is here!  the NCFCA facilitates qualifying tournaments throughout the country and an annual national tournament where students learn and exercise analytical and oratorical skills.  ritzya is proud to announce that several of her students are making it to final rounds and going on to nationals!  you go, guys and gals! 

the impact speech and debate club in annapolis had its tournament from march 27 through march 29.  the results were "dramatic".  here are some photos of these talented, committed young people.  i'm so proud of them;  i could just burst.

ellie lewis and david pickering's 1st place duo: "Love is a Fallacy"


david with 1st place winner in humorous interp, stephen pimpo

emily and david pickering flank cara lewis: 
sweep 1st, 2nd and 3rd in EXPOS!!

proud grandma jean stands between david & emily pickering, expos champs.

dwight and terry powell with shannon who won 1st place in dramatic interp with her piece: "Uncle Tom's Cabin."  shannon came in 2nd place at the nationals in June!

emily pickering demonstrating her puppetry skills for her expos on the "history of tea"

12 year old ellie lewis is going to nationals in june.  here she is working on her open interp from "pygmalion"
ellie lewis & emily pickering

cara lewis doing her "expos" on the infallibility of the Bible.

courtney crandell, cara & ellie lewis, and shannon powell
james reid rehearsing his 1st place original oratory entitled "enthusiasm."
champion, james reid

here's connor weisman on the left and tyler weisman, along with daniel weisinger on the right holding their well-deserved awards.

December, 2007:  ritzya was recently the storyteller for the ritz carlton nutcracker "high teas."  while 4 exquisite student dancers from maryland youth ballet danced excerpts from the traditional nutcracker ballet (accompanied magnificently by live pianist Arshok), ritzya brought the classic story of Christmas magic and dreams of sugar plums to life as guests enjoyed the elegance and refinement of high tea at the ritz. 

CALL "UNFORGETTABLE" RITZYA TODAY!      703-887-1823           ritzya@thedramacoach.com