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The Drama Coach is the go-to person when it comes to compelling, unforgettable presentations. a seasoned performer and entrepreneur, ritzya brings the perfect blend of professionalism and pizzazz to her clients, both as an exciting speaker and as a results-oriented coach and facilitator. her warm, down-to-earth style and commanding presence immediately draws people in as she inspires her audiences and clients to come out of their shell and shine like the star they are. her clients range from CEO's, authors and entrepreneurs to politicians and lawyers, with a few high-achieving teenagers thrown in just for fun. the outcome is the same: confident, passionate communication with the unique, authentic style of the individual shining through.

destined to be "unforgettable", at the age of 3, ritzya began triple-threat training in dance, voice and acting. by 1971, she had been studying dance and music at Juilliard for 6 years and sung at Carnegie Hall twice. a full scholarship, experimental theatre company in NYC gave her cutting edge improv and theatre training and took her to the streets of Harlem and Bedford Stuyvesant in NYC and Watts Towers, L.A., - a cross between "Whose Line is it Anyway?" and the flash mobs of today. with a BFA in theatre, she was a professional actress in NYC and migrated to D.C.

while homeschooing her 3 children, ritzya was a sought after worship dance teacher and performer, ministering at churches and worship dance conferences up and down the east coast. active in her church, she sang in the worship band and co-directed the children's ministry. after having a gourmet cookie business and running a food bank from her home, ritzya began 3 new business ventures: party planning, professional organizing and public speaking coaching. 10 years later, the drama coach's "unforgettable" brand has spilled over to singing all over the D.C. area with pianists, bands and even a concert harpist performing a rendition of the Star Spangled Banner as you've never heard it before. (thepassionatepatriots.org)

is a frequent presenter at the Loudoun Chamber of Commerce, Loudoun Small Business Development Center, and a favorite at the teen centers at the Loudoun Public Library, in addition to private and group coaching for authors, CEO's, entrepreneurs, lawyers, sales professionals, politicians and youth, helping them be "unforgettable" and raising their "unforgettability factor". her new book, "The E.L.F. Diet - the smallest and last diet book you'll ever need." is now available for sale. contact ritzya to learn more.

ritzya loves to inspire her students and clients to find your Unforgettability Factor" that makes U unique, enabling U to communicate from that place of passion, confidence, and strength.

clients have overcome shyness and fear of speaking in front of people.  they've learned how to be spontaneous and think on their feet.  they have discovered the joy of being creative and expressive.  but most of all, they have become "unforgettable" too!

NOW is the perfect time to call "unforgettable" ritzya!
or email ritzya@thedramacoach.com