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let the parents of these students speak for themselves about their experience working with ritzya, the drama coach:

Dear Ritzya  (The Drama Coach), 

Thank you SO much for working with our actors and actresses...It is amazing that after coaching each one privately and then in conjunction with others in their scene for just a few minutes you were able to help them become the character each was meant to be and enhance their stage presence!  As I watched their subsequent performance during the dress rehearsal and final production it was clear your work with them was pivitol.  I can't imagine what heights we could have attained had we engaged you earlier!!!!  Sometimes it just helps for an outsider to come in as it reinforces what we have already told them and gives them a fresh perspective.  Please be assured that the students themselves and not just the parents noticed the difference your help made. 

Gratefully,  Trudi B. Hays,TNT  Homeschool Group,Reston, VA

Ritzya,  Thank you so much for coming out to spend your Saturday with us. We all really appreciate your gifts and talents and the wonderful way you use them to glorify God. You not only have great creative gifts, but they way you work with the kids is amazing. Their faces light up, they gain confidence and they really go to the next level. 
  Steve  (Stephen J. Pimpo, Managing Director, Public Services, Bearing Point)

Not only have you elevated  everyone's speeches to a  winning level but for some you have awakened a  passion to pursue with  excellence their dreams... Jim Reid

Thanks so much for arranging yesterday's session with Ritzya! The kids all worked very hard and she was wonderful! I can't believe how much energy she had for the entire 7 hours and she gave each one of the guys comprehensive feedback, great ideas and specific individual attention. Definitely time and resources well spent!...

Thanks so much for taking half of your day to spend with my sons Stephen and Michael, and Andrew and Elias Gunther. I really appreciated you taking the time to listen, engage, and coach the guys in some very creative and insightful ways that not only helped them learn, but built them up so that they have the confidence to continue to improve. Hopefully you'll see the fruits of your labor first hand at the Vector tournament and they will all make you proud. Thanks for what you do and for your passion for our students. You have a wonderful gift and it is terrific to see you putting it to use to help others... Stephen J. Pimpo

The kids sure have a lot of fun working with you and learn so much.  We really appreciate ALL your help.
 Patricia crandell

josh lorence as:

the tortoise


the hare

courtney crandell in "the lonely one" from "dandelion wine" by ray bradbury

courtney crandell practicing her delightful expos on "jesters"

joshua crandell finding his inner "toad" in "wind in the willows"

joshua and courtney crandell pleased at the end of a fun and exhausting session with ritzya

chris e. exclaims: "the emperor's got no clothes!"

his sister, sarah e. is: "SURVIVOR GIRL!"
ellie pickering and ritzya develop the character of the housekeeper in "pygmalion"
the pickerings and the lewis' hanging out after an afternoon of hard work with ritzya

tyler and connor weisman and joseph huey hamming it up during a session with ritzya

david pickering's different characters in "jeeves."

david pickering & ellie lewis practicing "love is a fallacy."

james and joseph reid as "dobie gillis and mr. gillis"
jay and joseph reid pose with daniel weisinger and james reid
shannon powell practices her piece from "uncle tom's cabin" with ritzya

isaac payne

levi is frankenstein's "monster"

samantha payne