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1.  U don't smile.  U're communicating that U're scared or U take yourself too seriously.  A smile says: "I'm friendly; I'm open; I want to get to know U.  (Hint: It says, "I'm not friendly.") 

2.  U don't speak loudly enough. 
If U can't be heard, how will people know what U're saying?  Don't worry about speaking too loud.  If U are, people will cover their ears!  (Hint: It says, "I'm not confident.") 

3.  U don't enunciate. 
Poor diction, mumbling, mispronunciation all tells the listener that U don't care.  It makes the speaker appear uneducated and lazy.  (Hint: It says, "I'm not educated.") 

4.  U speak in a monotone. 
Go ahead. Put everyone to sleep.  Watch them glaze over and lose interest.  No passion.  No excitement.  (Hint: It says, "I'm not interesting.")

5.  U don't use expressive gestures. 
This person is nervous, stiff, uncomfortable and insecure.  (Hint: It says, "I'm not comfortable.")              
                                                             Are U making these mistakes?


May, 2009

I go to a lot of networking events.  You know which question I hate?  "What do you do?"  I make hats.  I do massage.  I'm a financial planner.  Who cares?  Instead ask this: "What are you known for?"  Now you'll get some interesting answers.  It reveals character.   I'm known for fun, exuberance, energy and color - and my smile!  So I ask you, what are you known for?  


April, 2009

Take the time to connect.
  At the local grocery store, I was checking out, and as I always do, I looked for a way to connect with this clerk.  Her name is le thuy.  I guessed it was Vietnamese.  I made an attempt to pronounce it as accurately as I could.  (sort of like "lay two-ee")  Her face lit up like a Christmas tree.  She said it was the first time she had heard her name pronounced correctly by an American since she came to this country 8 years ago.  I kept using her name in the conversation.  Each time I said it, she had this joyful expression on her face.  She had a life altering experience with ritzya.  She'll never forget that moment.  Neither will I.  That's what I call "success". 


March, 2009

Did you know that spoken communication is only 13% verbal?  The rest is facial expression, body language and intonation. There are simple things that you can learn and practice to make you stand out from the crowd and get your message across with passion, purpose and polish.

Communication is three dimensional.  It's first verbal, second vocal and third visual.  The first dimension is the actual verbal words used.  Like the written word, it is generally black and white.  That accounts for about 7 to 13 percent of the message, depending on which expert you talk to.  The second dimension is the vocal.  It's like listening to the message on the radio.  Here is where the variety of pitch, pace and punch comes into play.  Experts agree that this accounts for an additional 10 to 15 percent of the message.  Finally is the visual, like adding video.  The third dimension adds the non-verbal communication contained in body language, facial expression and gestures.  That accounts for a whopping 83 percent of how a message is conveyed.


February, 2009

How do you have passion when you've said something over and over again?
Make sure what you say is from the heart, authentic.  And maybe a little fun.  Then it will be easy to say and it will be fresh and spontaneous sounding. You'll be more relaxed and confident because you know that what you're talking about is interesting, compelling and memorable.  Believe you're great at what you do and leave doubt at home.  Believe in your product. but most of all, believe in yourself.


January, 2009

What opportunities are you missing out on?

Do people take notice of you?  Or do you feel invisible when you walk in a room?
Are people attracted to you?  Or do they seem to walk in the opposite direction?
Do people remember you?  Or do you have to re-introduce yourself all over again?
Do people listen to you?  Or do they glaze over when you speak?

Would you like to:  be sought after for advice?
be influential?
                                    receive quality referrals?

You have to be willing to do something to set yourself apart and be memorable. 
                                TOP OF MIND! On the short list!


November, 2009

Smile all the time. A smile is the most important and valuable item in your wardrobe. It costs nothing; but it's worth a fortune. It's your image ahead of your words. It's warmth and welcome at the same time. "You're never fully dressed without a smile"


September, 2008

A good speaker has certain qualities that are desirable for leaders.  They are confident and fearless - or they've learned to "fake it til they make it."  Even the best speakers get nervous before they speak.  So what?  The show must go on.  Public speaking is the number one fear of most people.  But what is there to be afraid of?  A public speaking coach can help you learn actual techniques to overcome jitters and turn them into energy that propels your message from dull to dynamic.  I'm ritzya, the drama coach.  Transforming what you say from black and white to color.


August, 2008

A great speaker has what it takes to be a great leader.  They can stand in front of a room of people and motivate them with words!  Wow!  But how do they do it?  By being authentic and engaging.  By including, not only information, but also inspiration and entertainment.  By using powerful images and personal stories.  It's a lot easier than you might think.  A public speaking coach can teach you the tools and techniques to do it.  And it all starts with a desire to be a compelling communicator.  Do you have that desire?  I'm ritzya, the drama coach.  Transforming what you say from black and white to color.


July 22, 2008

This week's dramatically speaking tip is at the heart of every great speaker.  You gotta speak with passion.  It's what brings energy, enthusiasm, and expertise to your message.  Speak with passion and people WILL listen.  Your eyes will sparkle; your heart rate will increase; your adrenaline will pump.  When you're excited about what you're talking about, people can see it in your face, hear it in your voice, feel it in their heart.  It's true.  And fear will melt away as you speak with confidence, conviction and clarity.  Is this something you want to be able to do?  Call ritzya, the drama coach.  703-887-1823.  I'm ritzya, the drama coach:  transforming what you say from black and white to color.    


July 15 , 2008

Here's the dramatically speaking tip for today.  Ready?  It's the middle of summer.  It's hot.  Gas prices are out of sight.  People are away on vacation.  The economy is slow.  So what?  Remember: a little enthusiasm goes a long way and immediately sets you apart from all the other dull, boring, tired people out there.  Make it a colorful day by greeting everyone you meet with a smile, especially in business.  It will make their day.  And it will energize you when you see them smile back.  If you need a boost to your sales presentation or elevator speech, start with a friendly smile.  And then call me, ritzya, the drama coach at 703-887-1823.  you'll be glad you did.  I'm the drama coach -- transforming what you say from black and white to color.


June 24, 2008

In all the research I've done about public speaking and elevator speeches, I've never once seen: "Stand stiff like a statue, don't smile and speak in a monotone." The experts and gurus all agree: Smile, be entertaining and use gestures and facial expressions to get your message across.  That's the way to be memorable.  Want to know more?  Call me at 703-887-1823.  I'm ritzya, the drama coach.  Transforming what you say from black and white to color!


June 17, 2008

Think about when you were a child (or maybe it was your own child) and you put your hand in wet cement. When you took your hand away, what was left?  AN IMPRESSION!  Are you leaving a lasting impression when you meet people at networking events or other business functions?  You know the old saying: "You have only one chance to make a first impression."  So what kind of impression are you leaving?  If it's not memorable, do something about it.  Get creative.  Think outside the box.  Get dramatic!!!  Call me at 703-887-1823.  I'm ritzya, the drama coach. Transforming what you say from black and white to color.


June 10, 2008

We learn from watching others.  What sticks in your mind?  What makes others stand out?  Who do you remember and why?  Think how much fun networking and business would be if we all got a little creative and lightened up.  We'd actually look forward to going to that event and giving our elevator speech. It says, "I care.  You matter.  I value your time.  And I want us all to have a little fun while we do business."  Just because you're serious about your job, doesn't mean you have to take yourself so seriously.  People do business with people they like. Transforming what you say from black and white to color.


June 3, 2008

Remember Mary Poppins?  "Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down."  Our "dramatically speaking" tip this week is "Lighten up!"  For some people, giving their elevator speech is like taking medicine.  And, believe me, it's obvious.  You can see it on their face and hear it in their voice.  Add an "element of fun" to what you say.  People want to do business with people they like.  You don't have to sing or tapdance.  But start thinking outside the box.  Start with a big, friendly smile.  Do something unexpected.  Put on a hat.  Hold up a sign.  Stand on a chair.  Make a funny face.  If you can make others laugh and smile, you've already set yourself apart.  It's a lot easier than you think.  Stop taking yourself so seriously.  It's OK to be dramatic.  For more tips and ideas, call ritzya, the drama coach, at 703-887-1823.


May 20, 2008

 Today's "dramatically speaking" tip is about integrating your printed message with your verbal message.  Lots of business people have great logos and branding.  But when it comes to what they say, it's a completely different story.  For instance, there's a business coach I know whose logo is a target with an arrow aiming at the bull's eye. But when she introduced herself, she never even mentioned the idea she'd spent her precious marketing dollars to develop.  So now, when she does her elevator speech, she says, "Once you have your target goal, I'll help you take aim and hit the bull's eye!"  So, is your printed message consistent with your verbal message?  Tie the two together and you'll leverage your logo and branding to a whole new level.   I'm Ritzya, the drama coach.  You can reach me at 703-887-1823.


May 13, 2008

Hi, I'm Ritzya, the drama coach.  This week's "dramatically speaking" tip is about using props to make yourself memorable.  If you're reading this, chances are you're a networker.  And if you're a networker, chances are you go to lots of networking events.  And if you go to lots of networking events, chances are you have to give an elevator speech.  In 15 to 45 seconds, you have to get people's attention and make them remember you.  How about using a prop to make your point?  For instance, if you're really good at solving problems, you could hold up a small shovel and say: "it may take a little digging, but we'll come up with the perfect solution for you."    You've instantly made an impact and set yourself apart.  If you'd like more ideas like this one, call ritzya, at 703-887-1823. Go ahead -- Add a little drama to your life!       


May 6, 2008

We all want to be remembered, don't we?  This week, on "dramatically speaking", the topic is Identity.  Who are you?  What is your unique selling proposition? Your USP?  What are you known for?  What sets you apart from everyone else?  For example: I give 200% in all I do.  So what?  That's not unique.  But I bring humor, fun and kindness to all I do.  Now that's unique.   When you know your USP, you can incorporate it in all that you say and do so that you'll stand out and be remembered.   That's who you are.  Your identity.  So who are you?  What's your unique selling proposition?  Don't know?  Don't have one?  Let's find one.  So that you can stand out and be remembered. 


April 29, 2008

Hello, again.  It's ritzya, the drama coach, with your "dramatically speaking", tip of the week.  I hope you're having a great week with plenty of drama - the good kind.  Full of energy, enthusiasm and expressiveness.  So far, i've talked about speaking slowly and clearly, and creating a mood for the listener.  But how do you convey passion so that your audience feels that they are the most important people in the world to you?  Stand up, take a deep breath, and smile!  That's right.  Smile.  Even if you're talking over the phone or on a radio broadcast.  But especially if you're speaking in person.  Do your eyes sparkle when you talk about what you do for a living and how you help people?  If not, maybe you need to switch professions.  Til next week, this is ritzya, the drama coach.  Find out how you can have more drama in your life - the good kind, by calling:  703-887-1823. 


April 22, 2008  

Hi.  It's time for today's "dramatically speaking", tip of the week, where we highlight a key point to help you deliver your message, in a dramatic way.    Today I want to talk to you about creating a mood with your tone of voice.  We listen with more than our ears.  We "hear" with our emotions.  For instance: Calm and soothing: "Ah, no worries. We'll take care of it."  Excited and enthusiastic: "this is the newest, greatest widget ever!"  Sad and mournful: "I can feel your pain and I can help."  Urgent and warning: "Act now, before it's too late."

So, next time you have something to say, think about how you want your listener to "feel" about what you're communicating.  They'll remember you and your message.      


April 15, 2008  

Well, hi.  Ritzya, here.  the drama coach.  It's time for this week's "dramatically speaking" tip of the week.  Each week, we're going to take a minute to highlight a key point to help you deliver your verbal message so that you can stand out and be remembered.  Isn't that what we all want?  Ready?  Here we go:   

Speak slowly and clearly, using pauses for emphasis.  Let your voice go up and down in a natural, melodic way.  This will keep the listener's interest and help them to remember your message.  Practice into a tape recorder if you can.  Try your message on someone else before you deliver it in public.  You'll be more confident if you've rehearsed a few times.  

Being prepared is the secret to confidence and success.


Communicate with passion, purpose and polish!