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the vision of the drama coach  is to see each client be successful beyond their wildest dreams; to stand out and be remembered not only  for their message, but also for the passion with which it was delivered.

the mission of  the drama coach is to draw from drama and acting principles to help build confidence, focus and vision in the career of the business professional.  there is no formula or technique to accomplish this.  everyone is unique.  so is the approach. 

the first session covers the client's communication goals, brainstorming about  message content, and how to communicate it with passion, purpose and polish.

location of coaching sessions is flexible.  it can be on site at the client's office, home or at the drama coach's home studio in Herndon, Virginia.

coaching sessions are by appointment, suitable to both the coach and client's schedules.

private coaching sessions are $200.00 per hour.  discount packages are available, as well as group seminars and workshops.