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Hi, Razzle-Dazzle Ritzya!

Thank you so much for your great workshop on Saturday.  You delivered as promised on expanding our vision of what it is possible for us to do during our presentations, and even during our networking. I
don't think any of us will be quite the same again. :)

Another element of your workshop that was particularly valuable: Everyone really watched and listened during your opening interactive exercise. They may not remember their fellow attendees forever, but they'll remember most of them at least until they see them again and can reinforce their memories of those intros. Alas, it's not uncommon when folks at an event are giving elevator speeches, that some are focusing on what to say, instead of listening and watching. They are completely missing an excellent opportunity during those minitalks to scout the other attendees for prospects and possible partners.

Barbara Conn, CPCUG.org

Ritzya I consider time spent is worthwhile when I learn one new thing at a presentation.  When it is several things, it is a terrific ROI!  You embody what teaching is all about.  Not just how to do something specific, but opening up the mind so that new ideas will flow. Thanx for a productive presentation.

Bernie Cohen,  Insurance Solutions

Thank you, Ritzya, for a superb presentation today.  You were awesome and like an energizer bunny!  You have a gift of making people feel special.  You really made us think....What do I bring that is different?  Be prepared, be comfortable with our skills, stand out and share success stories.  The book, Never Eat Alone, is a good one.  Your parting advice of looking for opportunities to be memorable in your everyday actions including with people that you may never see again is wise advice.  

Kathy Gause, DBM Outplacement consulting and career transition services

Hi Ritzya,

I was delighted to have met you yesterday at 40 Plus.  What a wonderful person and teacher you are. You have such a good strong and pleasant character. You have the ability to identify one's communication problem and go right there to address it. Something which came out very strongly for me was the "power of a smile, and talking with more confidence" - I'll practice that more often.

Rose A. Nesbitt (PhD, MS, MPH)
Director, International Relations / HIV Research Coordinator
Pan African Christian AIDS Network

 "She's done it again! I've hired Ritzya twice now for key speeches that I have given in the past year and she came through even stronger the second time around. If you are anything like me, you have lots of great ideas and lots of things you want to convey to your audience. But I struggled with putting those good ideas into one cohesive message that will be memorable, throwing out the good ideas that might be better left for another day and learning how to truly engage and hold the audience's attention. Ritzya helped me do this in less than three hours when I couldn't do it in the several days.

If you want to improve your public speaking skills, prepare for a special keynote, brainstorm for an effective way to convey your message, or perfect your elevator speech, you really should invest in spending some time with Ritzya. It will be money and time well spent. She is creative, detail oriented, motivational, fun to work with, and she delivers great results. I highly recommend her services."

Jared Melvin, CLTC
, New York Life

Hi Rityza. I wanted to let you know that you inspired me to think outside the box and make people remember me in my last Girl Power presentation.  I used 3 hats to talk about the many hats women wear and I could help them ease their days.  People came up to me and told me how they would remember it and that they loved my talk and I owe it all to you.  Thanks for the inspiration!!!!

Sandy Simpson, Easurday

"Today, Ritzya and I completed our first coaching session of improving my thirty second commercial.  It was one of the most memorable meetings of my life!  Truly a life altering experience!  Ritzya, was able to guide me through the process of delivering an authentic message about the services my company provides.  This message exemplifies the true meaning of why my company exists and how my clients are benefited from receiving our services.  Ritzya has a special gift of polishing a rough draft and showing her client how to convert it into an eloquent conversation with enthusiasm and confidence.  I will continue to utilize her special God given talent." 

Fred Wilson President, Lighthouse Homes and Lighthouse Renovations


You ARE the drama coach! Great insights. I listened to the tape yesterday and discovered that my apology came after I screwed up the "subtitle" cards I held up during the dodgeball story. To me, I royally screwed up, and the apology just tumbled out. Looking back, I realize you were right: the screwup was probably no big deal to the audience (maybe even unnoticed) and the apology wasn't needed or even warranted. I could also "hear" them hang on every word as you said, so thanks for sharing that...I don't know that I've ever had a drama coach at one of these events -- certainly not in the front row! Thanks for finding me and coming to the meeting.  Now if we can just get you to loosen up a little...

Todd Hunt -- Communication Lessons Wrapped in Laughter


Thank you so much for your workshop this past weekend with our CMCB students.  They all really seemed to enjoy the activities and were very involved.  I was pleasantly surprised to see how much some of the students came out of their shells!  The progress some of them made in that one short session was great!  Thanks again!

Danielle L. Gaquin, Program Coordinator
Claude Moore Community Builders
Loudoun Cares

Dear Ritzya: Thank you for the May 28th seminar, "Deliver a Dramatically Effective Elevator Speech."  It was all that we were hoping for: a lively, fun, interactive, enlightening presentation of great value to attendees!  As is evident from the enclosed evaluations, attendees heartily concur.  One of them took the time to send us an email the following morning, phrasing her sentiments this way: 'I just wanted to send an email about how wonderful last night's event was.  Ritzya is a great speaker.  She had me captivated the whole time.  I didn't even know it was 8:30.  Well worth the time to have been there! Thank you.' In short, we are extremely grateful for your generosity in sharing your expertise - and in such a warmly humorous and helpful manner.  We appreciate your support of the Loudoun Small Business Development Center via the presentation, and we hope for the opportunity to work with you in the future!  Sincerely, Robin Suomi, Executive Director.  

Comments from other attendees:

"She is absolutely fantastic.  Thank you for bringing her in."

"Excellent presentation.  Great hands on workshop!"

"Great time, great support!  Loved all of the ideas I was able to take away from this event."

"I'd like to go to all her presentations!"

"To an extraordinary teacher.  Wow!  Last night was fabulous!  I'm so happy I seized the moment and came to your workshop.  Thanks."  -Deborah Brown, Keller Williams, The Yahner Group

"Ritzya was very informative and provided a lot of good advice on prepping your elevator speech."

"Very fun, learned a lot.  Did some unexpected networking.  Thanks!"

"Ritzya was great!  Very enthusiastic and open."

To: Jared Melvin
Subject: Question

Jared, I am trying to get ahold of Zola? the lady who is very theatrical and does public speaking...I think you said you have worked with her.  Can I get her contact information?  Thanks

To: Greg
Subject: Question

How about Ritzya?  By your description, i would definitely say that's who you are look for. ..She is "The Drama Coach" and she does very well with coaching people on public speaking.  I used her before I did my last 10 minute presentation and she was awesome.  She also helps tremendously with preparing or fine tuning your 45 second elevator speeches.  She's not high pressure either, so just talk to her and find out if it's something you want to do. I would highly recommend her services for your business as what you say and how you say it is the primary way to draw in more clients, especially in any type of networking situation!!! 

Jared (Melvin) New York Life

"Thank you.  Everything went super at the presentation regarding my book. Knocked 'em dead!  The most often repeated feedback was that I put genuine emotion and feelings into the key points and stories which made them engaging, interesting and meaningful.  That was your influence and coaching.  I couldn't have done it without your specific and helpful suggestions!"  Dick Stieglitz, author

 "Your insights and recommendations have helped me to communicate more effectively"  Bob Pizzimenti, realtor

"What I needed was a catalyst to change my presentations from routine political rhetoric (i.e. boring) to inspiring, motivational and even memorable!  Ritzy helped me to do that! Ritzya works not only with the presentation but also the content. She helped me present my ideas in a way that people would relate, understand and remember. I emphasize that she did not put words in my mouth, but helped me put my own ideas into a package that would engage my audience." Patricia Phillips, Candidate, Virginia State Senate

"You are extremely talented and the information that you provided was extremely helpful to all of our businesses"  Caryn Graft, mortgage loan officer 

WHY NOT CALL RITZYA TODAY?      703-887-1823

"Thank you for putting on an awesome workshop...God has given you a great gift.  People are changed and see possibilities that they never knew were in them. Thanks for pulling out the good stuff!  I look forward to you coaching our sons again."  Jim Reid

"...We were so blessed by your gifting!  Cara did just as you directed at Nationals...Several judges gave her 1st place...She was so encouraged..."  Mel Lewis

"Your class is highly recommended!!  I would like to let my daughter join your class." ---Debbie 

"I was wondering if there is still room in the class. If so, could [my son] participate?...I don't want him to lose interest in performing or lose his ability to feel comfortable being on stage or acting in front of people. I know with you he will actually get some training as opposed to just running lines week in and week out just for the final production" ---Shannon   

"I just wanted to tell you that I thought your class this evening was wonderful!!  You have such great ideas and are very good with the kids.  Thanks for being sensitive to [my daughter] when she was feeling a little shy.  It seemed to help her when you had everyone act out with her when she needed it.  I really appreciate that.  [My other daughter] absolutely loved every minute of it. Thanks again!!  We'll look forward to next week!"---Jenny
" PS-  I've emailed quite a few friends to tell them how wonderful tonight was !"  

"Well, we all know and love Ritzya, but today I have a new appreciation for her. I just thought you might be interested to hear what a great drama teacher she is and how much fun her class is.  If you are thinking about signing your child up, do it!  It's a good deal, and a great time!" ---Dusti

"...The kids absolutely loved the drama activities! And the parents are thrilled!  I was particularly impressed with how you drew the kids out...from then on [they] didn't hesitate to speak when it was [their] turn.  AND that by the end you knew to give [my son] the word "slow" to act out.  Perfect!...We look forward to seeing you in two weeks!  My boys will be counting down to that like they're counting down to Christmas!"  ---Katrina

"I just had to listen to an entire recital of Little Red Hen on the way home with funny voices and all. You are a big hit, and [my daughter]  loves the class!  I knew you would be, but I just thought you might like to hear it anyway.  Thanks."---Dusti