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Tell your story!

Do you have a life-changing story inside you? Those defining moments in your life that mold your character and make you who you are today. The world is hungry for truth; thirsty for knowledge; starving for inspiration. What's the best way to satisfy that hunger and quench that thirst? How do you inspire people to change? Share an idea! Show your passion!

A safe, friendly audience!

Do you fear public speaking? At the Speaker Salon, you share, encourage and build each other up as you gain confidence, clarity and the ability to speak with passion about what you care about and make others care too! With a little wine and a lot of laughter, you will step out onto a bigger stage and let the world know you're here by communicating with passion, poise and polish. Come join us.

Practice, practice practice!

Do you want to improve your speaking ability? At the Speaker Salon you will find people, from beginner to expert, who tell their story, give a presentation, or just try out some ideas for a talk. It's a place to practice, get honest feedback and professional coaching, while drinking wine, in a safe, relaxed atmosphere. Do you have a life-changing story that you want to share but don't know where to begin? This is the perfect place to start.

Listen, listen, listen!

Not ready to speak? If you just want to come and listen, that's OK too. You're giving valuable feedback and receiving priceless tips on how to be a better speaker. It's a win-win-win. (or rather win, win, wine!) And now there's beer too!

Help each other grow!

Are you looking for like-minded people? The Speaker Salon is a community of friends helping friends be better speakers and communicators. And it's networking too! All for only $25. And that includes the food, beer and wine, altho you're not required to drink it. :-) Please join us. Check out Meetup (Speaker Salon) to see the diverse people who've already joined us. You can make a contribution to this vibrant, caring community of communicators. It starts as a room full of strangers. And it ends as a room full of friends.

                                                                     for more info and to receive invitations and updates,
here to go to the meetup and join us today!                     

Do U have an important speaking opportunity coming up? Would U like to transform your dull business presentation into an inspiring, entertaining talk? Don't put it off. Get ready now!

Exclusive opportunity to host a Private Speaker Salon where U are in the spotlight for 30 minutes. U hand-pick those U want to invite to be your live audience. I will also hand-pick a few people from my network to be part of the audience so U get truly objective feedback. The Private Speaker Salon is facilitated by a professional presentation coach for maximum growth and results.

There are 3 problems that keep someone from being an "unforgettable" speaker:

"I'm afraid to show my true self. I don't have content that is engaging or inspirational."        
   Accessibility: "I'm so busy. I don't have time to put my speech together, let alone practice."
"I'm not improving by talking in front of the mirror or in the car. I don't have a place to practice

The Private Speaker SalonTM solves these problems by providing:

the initial brainstorming and subsequent coaching sessions interweave your unique
                             personality and profession into a passionate presentation through stories, props and
                             dramatic delivery techniques.
     Accessibility: scheduled coaching sessions force you to make the time to develop content and practice
                               delivery. Working with your coach doubles the creativity and productivity of your time.
     Audience: the only way to really build confidence and polish a presentation is to practice in front of a
                         real live audience. We hand-pick those we invite to keep the atmosphere intimate and safe.
                         They are there to give honest feedback and receive valuable speaking tips and techniques
                         from a professional speaking coach. And don't forget the wine and food!

The Private Speaker Salon can be held in my home (chez ritz) or at another location of your choosing. Wine and food, practice in front of a live, friendly audience with feedback, plus professional coaching and networking.


1 brainstorming session ($300)
1st private coaching session ($200)                                           A total $1900 VALUE!
1st Private Speaker Salon ($300)
2nd private coaching session ($200)                                          A total $500 SAVINGS!
2nd Private Speaker Salon ($300)
3rd private coaching session ($200)
complimentary admission to 4 monthly Speaker Salons ($100)
unlimited email support (priceless)
if U video the presentation or invite me as your guest U will also get a special bonus: complimentary post presentation evaluation session ($300 value)
 (video services for Salon or Final Presentation can be provided at extra charge)

Total: $1400

                                                                                  Call today! 703-887-1823

People will forget what you said.
People will forget what you did.
But they will never forget how you made them feel.

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